How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

As most HVAC companies will tell you, it’s vital that you maintain your air conditioning system. Not only will this provide you with relief from sweltering summer heat, it will also help prevent indoor heat exhaustion. While maintaining your air conditioning system may seem like a difficult task, especially on hot days, its benefits outweigh the challenges.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

In this post, 406 HVAC discuss the various ways you can maintain your home’s air conditioning system.

Clean Up the Dirt

As you use the air conditioning system, it’s inevitable that dirt will collect over months and years. If left unattended, there’s a chance that the build-up of dirt can cause performance issues with your unit.

One of the most important parts that need to be cleaned is the AC’s filters. Dirty, clogged filters can block normal airflow and reduce the system’s efficiency by a significant amount. The next part you should clean is the air conditioner’s coils, as these can collect dirt over time as well. The accumulated dirt can reduce airflow and “insulate” the coil, hampering its ability to absorb heat.


Check Window Seals

Your HVAC company advises checking every once in a while to ensure that the seal between your air conditioning system and the window frame is still in contact with the metal case. This is because moisture can damage the seal and allow air to escape from your home, forcing the unit to work harder just to distribute cool air, which obviously increases your cooling costs in the process.

Remove Debris

If your system has an exterior condenser, it’s vital that it be included on your maintenance checklist as well. The exterior condenser can suck various types of debris such as leaves into the interior, which need to be removed as soon as possible. Leaving the debris unattended can cause performance issues for your air conditioning system and the exterior condenser.


Hire a Professional

Of course, if you have neither the time nor the expertise to conduct any form of maintenance on your air conditioning system, there’s always the option of hiring a professional. In fact, a professional can spot and fix any problem in your system immediately since they have the training and expertise to do so.


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