Signs to Watch Out For When Replacing Your HVAC System

Regularly maintaining your HVAC unit helps keep your interior comfortable. Over time, however, you may begin to experience inconsistent levels of comfort and see a corresponding an increase in energy bills. Even when you perform the necessary repairs, there will eventually come a time that you’ll have to replace your HVAC system.


Signs to Watch Out For When Replacing Your HVAC System


406 HVAC, a leading HVAC contractor in the local area, shares the signs that tell you a heating or cooling unit replacement is due.

Your HVAC Unit’s Age

Proper upkeep can help extend the life span of a heating or cooling system beyond the typical 10 to 15 years. At some point, however, the system will need to be replaced. Sudden shutdowns, continuous noises and frequent repairs are all signs that it’s near the end of its service life. In addition, having an outdated unit makes it hard to find replacement components. That’s why investing in a new HVAC unit would make the most sense in these cases.

Noises Coming From Your HVAC

You know an HVAC unit is functioning well if it’s operating quietly with just a low humming sound to be heard. If you begin to hear strange noises coming from it, it’s possible that there’s something wrong with its interior components. Obtaining the services of a heating and air conditioning repair technician will suffice for a time, but not if repairs become too frequent or too costly.

Inefficient HVAC Unit

Your current HVAC unit may also have problems if you notice that it’s taking longer for your indoors to feel comfortable. This means it’s no longer as efficient as it was before. Before you invest in a new one, however, it’s important to first rule out other potential issues inside your home. Heating and cooling inefficiency could also be due to window and door leaks and insufficient insulation in your attic.

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